Vera Knauer

Vera Knauer, President

Leader of the pack

MSc Sustainability and Responsibility (cand.)

Vera Knauer is a strategy consultant for family businesses, specialized in sustainability. As the CEO of a Swiss joint-stock company, she gained experience in coining different business models and making them come to life. She is studying sustainability and responsibility at Masters level at Ashridge University, England. Her other degrees are in business and systemic coaching. As a teenager, she took part in a European televised sailing project, La Fleur de l’ Lampaul, living alongside other youths with natives in different countries around the world and participating in youth projects.

Marion Arnaud, Vice-President

The people person

MA Conflict, Security and Development

Marion Arnaud is currently working as civil affairs officer with the United Nations Operations in Cote d’Ivoire (UNOCI) on social cohesion and reconciliation initiatives. She has worked in New York for four years building a coalition of non-governmental organizations on human rights and the protection of civilians, organizing and traveling to activities around the world. From this experience she has gained extensive knowledge in the inner workings of projects with a positive social impact. With more than 15 years living as an expatriate, she has been deeply involved in educational, humanitarian and art projects around the world.

Jeanette Dinse

The storyteller

Jeanette Dinse works as a senior consultant in the German Suisse chamber of commerce in the mergers & acquisitions division. After her studies in business administration she worked in company communications across different sectors. In addition to her degree in business administration she graduated in systemic coaching. As a teenager and student she lived in different countries and learnt to adapt to different cultures. One of her hobbies always has been sailing. She believes, that sailing is one of the best ways to learn about team-building, social behaviour and living with the powers of nature.


Eva Unseld

The Strategist

Eva Unseld is currently working as a project manager in a bank specialized in consumer financing. Her previous work as a business consultant allowed her to gain experiences in different organizations in an intercultural environment. During her international business studies she lived in France and New York where she successfully completed a French graduate-degree and learned to adapt to culture-bound working styles. She also has a certificate in organizational development and believes that the best way of learning is to observe and reflect human interactions.

Special thanks to…

Sabine Bellefeuille-Burri, initiator of the initiative "Lebenskonzept Unternehmertum" (Entrepreuneurship as a life concept), Foundation for Entrepreneurial Development
…who gave us a home

Caroline Dargein and her talented team of creative people at Blend in Paris, France
…who gave us a face

Mario Rothauer /
…who lifted us from stone age into cyber space

Anke Bergmeier /
…who made it all cool and professional

Most importantly, this initiative could not have existed without the ears, thoughts, precious support and love of our partners, friends, family members and colleagues around the world.

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